A - litter develpoments




A litter

- changes from week to week

Kitten - progress

- 7 little wonders were born between 5 and 8.30 a.m 0n January 2. 2014.

- the world was gradually conquere, and below are pictures that show some of the changes - from the bottom as new born and up to 15 weeks at the top:



At 15 weeks, - the easter holiday involved holiday exploring and adventures, including a few trips outdoors - with Mom to watch carefully - and me to help out in times of trouble.

- A good distraction from a few sore days after 3 siblings left for their new homes. The house was suddenly quite empty in spite of the four beauties that are still with us.




The climbing of the plum tree was very much fun until the time came to climb down again. Very sore mjaows culd be heard from the tree top. Trying to climb down head first did not seem very attractive. I turned them with their behind in a downward direction and helped to move paws to teach the technique. - They all came down, but my sucess as a climbing teacher is more dubious ☺.



Mom is keeping a careful watchout,- if anything seems not totally safe, they're called back inside.

Good girl!






At 14 weeks, they are still getting av bit of milk and lots of licking and caressing from Mom, - no worries that they almost seem to be as big as her. Mom just loves to be a mom!






They're all hanging out together in my big bed, - and I just love to wake up in the morning by the sound of

kittens suckling and all of them purring. So beautiful.










No worries yet concerning the big goodbye to Arthur, Amir and Ask who will move to their wonderful new familes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.






At 13 weeks, the weather was so nice and sunny, so the kittens spendt hours on the veranda. Lots to explore! However, soon staying on the floor was boring, and it was much more interesting to patrol the handrail, and look at whatever was taking place in the world outside.


Passing each other was no problem, a little jump and that's it, - no worries about the height.


Some of us got a bit more tense when a buttefly was chased, - but keeping the balance on a narrow handrail is a "piece of cake" ☺.





At 12 weeks, the big experience was the trip to the vet for vaccination, microchip and health check. Weighing, opening of mouth, looking into ears, feeling every bone, listening to the heart, checking testicle placements, and needle injections - all went fine, - and all was fine. Only Amir protested to the injection of the micorchip, - the others were too occupied by the feather that was flying around to take notice of any discomfort. Amir calmed as soon as the needle was out, - sat on top of the travel bag to wash himsself, and then fell asleep at the same place. Nothing to worry about



Back home they "ganged up" as usual in the rocking chair in the living room. - And then Mom got her chair back for a short while, - good position to keep an eye on her big babies playing







At 11 weeks, the kittens have been on a short "holiday" to my mothers place, including the experience of travelling, and exploring a new place. The car drive was no problem, - and within short time theye were house- warm, turning the place upside down. A bit of "practice" before moving to new homes








At 10 weeks, the kittens part-taking in daily life activities have included thorough investigations of the dish washer (we're using ecological detergent ☺),

And - discovering the fun involved in playing in the bathtub - preferablly without water inside.

Seven pair of big eyes follow me from the side of the bathtub when I sink into the water, or splash a little. - Andras, the most curious one, tried to slide in once - he was recued before no more than 4 paws became wet.

Walking on the side of the bathtub is a good alternative ☺





At 9 weeks, the kittens are taking part in every activity possible .


This series of pictures is from changing the ligthbulb in the hallway.

The lamp shade was soon occupied by Arthur.


Then Ariel came: - " move over please.

I'm getting in with you"


Then Ariadne tried to squeeze in, - and Arthur seemed to say : "I'm getting out of here"


Finally Ariel and Ariadne: "Peaceful co-existence"

- until the lamp shade was put back in place.







At 8 weeks, the stairs have been conquered over the week: First with smull jumps from level to level, then at high speed up and down. They have defenitely moved into the living room, - trying to climb the big fig plant, and sleeping on woolen blankets wherever they can be found. I now find sleeping beauties "littered" all over the house.




At 7 weeks, it sounds like I have a local thunderstorm in the house when the group is galloping from one end of the guestroom through the hall and into the bedroom. They are very active, - much more fun to play than to take pictures! Some of them are starting to get a more ”raw” look whereas others still look more or less like teddy bears. With these lineages, there will be large variations as to how the head and the body develop when they are kittens, - variations both within length, width and size.








At 6 weeks, they are really taking charge of their space, - re-organizing the toilet paper in the restroom was the great entertainment of the week. And - their personalities are comming through more and more.








Arthur, newborn





At 5 weeks, the world is getting bigger. They have gradually expanded the area they inhabit, from the basket where they were born, to the whole bedroom with new sleeping places, the litter box, additional food sources and the climbing frame, then to the whole second floor with new rooms to explore. Mom is calling, and comes to rescue whenever there is the slightest miaow.


Alva and Arthur cuddling in a hammock







At 4 weeks, the kittens are really gettting into a playful mood - chasing each other, wrestling with toys and other "peculiar objects". They jump and run with the tail held high, and have also started their first climbing lessons. Food from other sources than what Mom provides has been tasted by all of them, - some are more eager than others. - And - they have all started to use the litterbox ☺ .





At 3 weeks, the kittens start to explore the world beyond the kitten basket. They climb on the walls of the basket, stick their heads up and are sometimes able to get to the outside. This results in a quick call-out on Mom’s part. Inside the basket, they sleep – and eat – and play . Ask had today his first taste of food not provided by Mom. He had the plate to himself, as the other kittens showed no interest whatsoever.

Mom is still the best!









At 2 weeks, the beauties have opened their eyes and are putting on weight. Devi is a very devoted and patient Mom, making sure everyone is satisfied before leaving " the den". They are still paddeling around on their bellies, but have started to lick themselves, - and are purring when being caressed especially on the belly.

- Amir is sucking on his thumb ☺ .





Devi giving birth: A silver mackerel tabby (Arthur) arrived first, followed by 3 that seemed black. Then there was a small break before 2 arrived at the same time. At that point Devi seemed quite exhausted, and did not immediately lick and bite the umbilical cord, so the "midwife assistant" got slightly "pushy", held them up in front of her and urged: "You need to lick them, Devi, lick", - and Devi licked. Good Girl!

Then, shortly after the final, seventh kitten, Amir, arrived. Colours and patterns will be determined at a later stage, but they seem to be silver mackerel tabby, smoke, and solid black.