A litter update pictures


Norsk Skogkatt - Norwegian Forest cat NO*MIMESBRUNNEN's











Arthur from four months old (special photo session by his owner 14.05 2014 (- at five and a half month old) pluss older pictures )




A litter - more pictures


Below you will find pictures of the kittens that has been sendt from their new families.

It is so wonderful to see how they develop!

Thank you all so much for the pictures!





Beautiful Ask (Bamse) alone, and with his Dad, from age four months and onwards


Last pictures from January 2016, thank you so much!!!









Such a sweet, sweet boy!



Ariel / Simba


He's such a sweet, beautiful and relaxing silver boy!








Andras / Nero


He's really a black beauty!



Last Picture is from january 2016, thank you so much !!!





Still young at these pictures. She has now grown into a silver lady with a very beautiful fur, - and such charm!





Such a beautiful silver girl! Most of the pictures from june 2014, - when she was visiting for a week, and one from desember showing her as the beautiful grown-up lady she is now.