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Norsk Skogkatt - Norwegian Forest cat NO*MIMESBRUNNEN's



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The name of the cattery is from the old Norse mythology. Mimesbrunnen is a well located beneath the world tree Yggdrasil, and it is the source of wisdom and wits (Old Norse Mímisbrunnr, meaning “Mimir’s well”).

In my experience, cats are not only smart, independent, social, and loving beings, but also very wise.



NO*Mimesbrunnen's is a very small home based cattery located in Oslo at the end of a dead-end street, with a garden and the forest just outside the cat flapdoor.


We moved here from Ås in 2013, - from an area with wide fields all around, and lots of mice, - to this place where we have a lot of trees ☺, but a limited abundance of mice ☹ .

Due to the flap-door and no traffic, Devi can come and go, and hunt, as she wishes, - when I am home. I work as a soil scientist with forest research, and outside of the field season, I have the privilege to be able to work from a home office.



At this point, the cattery consists of myself and Devi, - but will grow slowly. Althought the A litter is the first pure bred Norwegian Forest cat litter of the cattery, it is not our first litter. Devi had her first practice as a mom with four beautiful "fairytail mixtures", - due to a slight slip of attention. And before Devi came to live with me, I've had 3 long haired house cats, - and 3 litters by one of them, Opus.



Now, it's a privelege to select the parents, with the intentions to support the development of social, "ancient" types of Norwegian Forest cats well adapted to their natural habitat.