Norsk Skogkatt - Norwegian Forest cat NO*MIMESBRUNNEN's



This is the wonderful cattery that enabled us to borrow Maximilian. They are propped with good advise and lots of knowledge about the Norwegian Forest Cats, and are very kind mentors.

Thank you so much, Helene and Jan Erik!

And thank you so much, AnneMa, for lending us Maximilian!


This is a short clip showing animal comunication by Anna Breytenbach. It shows the the importance of, and the potential depth of the comunication that we can have with our four-legged family members (and others). I highly reccomend it ♥♥♥


This is a Norwegian link to dr. philos Bjarne O. Braastad's website. He is a professor in etology at the Norwegian University of Life Science at Ås, and has specialized in cat behaviour. It contains links to videos with lectures about cats, and files demonstrating cat language.


This is a link to the cattery that Devi was born and raised in ☺





This is a link to Norsk Skogkattring, that post the different catteries that have litters for sale ☺


And this is a link to NORAK, Norsk Rasekatt Klubb av 1938, - that also show litters for sale ☺



For those of us that enjoy other big cats, these two links may be very enjoyable to watch. I highly recommend these as well ♥♥♥