Our cat - Devi


Norsk Skogkatt - Norwegian Forest cat NO*MIMESBRUNNEN's



IC (N)Alneskatten’s Devi Delight

- mother of A litter



Female, fertile


Born 23.11.2009


4.9 kilos at 2 yrs and 11 months

Tested GSD 4 Normal.

(Also both parents (and lineage) tested GSD 4 Normal)



Devi's Lineage

(when you click on a picture you will find a link to the web-page of each cat and the cattery that owns the given picture)

SC Rudi av Ledsaak (N)

NFO n 09 23

IC (N)Alneskatten's Amore


CH N*Falk av Ledsaak,

NFO n 09 22


Skogens Best Catla Vargdatter,

NFO n 09


GIC Selteteigen's Magni,

NFO ns 24


IC (N)Myrtekransen's Anastasia, NFO w

EC Quinsy's Amos,

NFO a 23



Tigressan's Quintessa,

NFO f 09



N*Varg av Ledsaak,

NFO n 09 23


GIC Skogens Best Nanna,



GIC (N)Selteteigen's Gille,

NFO ns 22


(N)Selteteigen's Inga Toinidatter, NFO n 09 22


IC (N)Fiskerjenta's Sisik,

NFO n 22


GIC (N)Blomsterdalen's Belinda,



About (N)Alneskatten's Devi Delight


I was so fortunate to get the possibility to find a name for her when she was a little kitten. The premises given to me by Monica, her breeder, was to find a double name starting on D that would fit the names given to the rest of the litter. So – Devi Delight came into being. Devi means Goddess in Sanskrit, and Delight was what I felt when I first saw her, - and it is still what I feel every time I see her. She is truly delightful!



Her temperament is very present and loving. She is talkative, and communicates a lot both with her voice, her eyes, and with her whole body. People visiting comment on our conversations. She loves to go with me on walks, - and when I let her out in the morning, she comes back in through the cat flap door looking for me if it takes too long for me to follow her. On our walk, she’s leading the way with her tail high up, - or, if she is held up by an exciting smell, - she comes running after me like a thunder storm.

She comes when I call her name, whether being outside or inside the house, - and when I call, she answers, so I can hear her coming from a long distance.



She is also very playful, very curious and very smart. She's frequently chasing whatever is thrown, whether a cone on the path, or a yarn-mouse on the couch, or feathers on a string.They're all favorites, - and she is incredibly fast! But – hide and seek is also something she enjoys a lot, and we're switching who's hiding and who's seeking. And in between the play there is time for a bit of cuddeling.


She's very social with me and people she knows, and quite shy with people and animals she does not know . This is most probably linked to being ill as a small kitten before leaving the cattery, a situation which demanded intravenous supplies on the front paws and rendered her "teeny tiny" when I came to bring her with me back home. She recuperated fast.




Devi and Tiger, her best friend and the former neighbour cat, playing and hugging.

When she had her first litter (her "private adventure" resulting in a "fairytale mix"), one of the first things she did when taking a short leave was to fetch Tiger and proudly showing off her new babies.



Kitte pictures: Devi being weighted at 4 months (left), Devi 5 weeks (above)

Devi newborn (below left), Devi at 9 weeks (below middle) and at 14 weeks (below right)

Photos up to 9 weeks by (N)Alneskatten's






(N)Alneskatten's Devi Delight at her first NFO show May 1. 2010

(Photo Maria Myrland)